It's almost always impossible to predict just what Neil Young is going do next -- but for once, we might have a small clue. The elusive, iconoclastic rock legend has been on tour with Crazy Horse in Australia, and according to a new report, he filmed one of the dates Down Under for a forthcoming concert film.

According to, Young and company performed a special three-hour show at the 5000-seat Plenary Hall in Melbourne on March 13, and switched their set list up considerably for the filming. No title or release date have been announced, and Young's official website makes no mention of either the film, or even the date in question. The closest date listed on his official tour itinerary is from May 15 at the larger Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

But according to the report, Young and Crazy Horse threw in a number of rarities, including 'Barstool Blues,' 'Cortez the Killer' and 'Danger Bird' from 'Zuma.' The set also reportedly featured two new tracks titled 'Hole in the Sky' and 'Singer Without a Song,' both of which have been performed elsewhere, but not released.

The site states that the show was captured by Young's film company, Shakey Pictures. Does the fact that he has made no public reference to it mean that the film is only for his own private enjoyment? Or did the mercurial Young deliberately choose an out-of-the-way venue to film in to throw everyone off the scent until he's ready to make an announcement? We won't know until he either makes an official statement -- or doesn't, as the case may be.

Watch Neil Young and Crazy Horse Perform 'Hole in the Sky' in Syndney on March 9

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