Results of a poll conducted by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce show  COVID-19 has had varying impacts on Grand Junction businesses.

A total of 134 businesses participated in the survey, giving us a nice snapshot of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected local businesses. The results may be more positive than you might expect.

A total of 45% of Grand Junction businesses said their income has been affected by less than 25%.  Just over 29% of respondents said income was down 25-50%, and over 13% said the impact has been over 50%.

When asked if they had accessed outside funding to help them through the economic crisis, 70% of Grand Junction businesses in the survey said they had received assistance.

Stepping away from the economic side of things, respondents were asked if they were concerned about a rise in COVID-19 infections with K-12 and CMU classes resuming in person. Most said no, with 56% saying they were not concerned, while 44% said they were.

One very interesting question in the survey was "what is keeping you up at night as we move forward the last half of 2020?" The top two responses had economic ramifications with  25% saying continued depression/recession, locally, regionally and across the country was their number one concern, while 24% cited more government fees and mandates related to COVID-19 as their biggest worry. The third most popular response to the question, given by 20% of the respondents, was a second wave of the virus shutting down the economy again in Grand Junction.

Obviously, there has been a tremendous impact on the Grand Junction business over the past several months. The recovery process has been slow and gradual, but there are signs that things are getting better for many local businesses. The best thing any of us can do is to shop locally, now more than ever. Continue to shop at local businesses and regularly patronize your favorite restaurants whether it's for dine-in or carry out.

There is no magic wand or formula that will make things better. The only solution is people helping people as the community comes together to help each other, regardless of political affiliation, and differences of opinions and beliefs. Let's show the world it's possible to disagree and still, be united.

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