Maureen McCormick, best known as Marcia Brady on the classic TV show The Brady Bunch celebrates her 58th birthday, and it's good a time as any to finally confess my secret crush on Marcia Brady.

First I would ask, what normal, red-blooded American boy growing up in the 1970s didn't love and adore Marcia Brady? I know I wasn't alone - there was plenty of competition. Only problem was, she didn't know I existed. But, other guys just like me sure knew she existed. We saw  her as cute, sweet,adorable, and what a prize!

As the oldest of the Brady girls, Maureen McCormick grew up with many of  us in the early 70s. Even though she was a bit older, I didn't care. We saw her Marcia Brady character go from pimples to braces, and outshining her sister Jan on numerous occasions, to dating the quarterback of the rival football team,  and having her own own crush on teen heart-throb Davy Jones of the Monkees. (And what normal, red-blooded American girl wasn't in love with Davy? (C'mon, ladies. Come clean!)

Other small screen crushes would follow as we moved through the 70s with TV shows like Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, The Walton, and One Day At a Time, there was something special about Marcia Brady.

Here's a great memory of her encounter with the legendary Davy Jones.
Oh, and happy 58th birthday to Maureen McCormick!



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