If you make the climb to the summit of Mt. Garfield, you'll find this object. What exactly is it, what's it for, and who put it there?

Here's what it isn't: it is not an official marker designating this point as the summit of the mountain. That marker is located a few feet away from this pipe.

About a year ago, we published a post inquiring about the name "Filthy Few" which you can see etched in the concrete. Our post sought information as to the secret identity of this group. Directly below "Filthy Few," the date of 4-8-78 is etched in concrete.

Filthy Few Marker
Waylon Jordan

Earlier this year (2016) we received an email from the man who poured that concrete.

Joe Boucher saw the original post, "Who Are Mt. Garfield's Filthy Few?" and contacted us. According to Joe, the pipe served a very important purpose. He says the pipe was in fact a mortar used to launch fireworks. By the 1960s, the pipe served as a base to support various flag poles.

So, that being said, let's move on to the matter of the "Filthy Few." Who are they, and what is the significance of the date? Joe explains:

The 1978 date was a FF (Filthy Few) member who had died of injuries due to a  motorcycle accident and climbed the mountain many times." - Joe Boucher

According to Boucher, the "Filthy Few" were: Duane Harris, Doug Poda, Bob Sheley, Rick Sheley, Robert Franklin, Joe Kirk, and Ron Hurt, and himself.

(The) Filthy Few name came about back in 1970 when the original four of us came down the Clifton side from a long day of play and Duane commented, 'we're getting dirtier by the the dozen,' and I then said, 'yeah, more like a filthy few,' and so it stuck. Since then, we enjoyed huge bonfires and fireworks displays from time to time. We spent many a New Year's Eve overnight up there, too.' - Joe Boucher

You owe it to yourself to climb Mt. Garfield at least once in your life. When you do, you'll find the trail leads you directly to this marker/flag stand. There's a tremendous amount of local history associated with this spot.

First chance you get, make the climb. It takes roughly an hour and a half going up, much less coming down, and is ultimately not that difficult. Upon reaching the top, you'll be tired and more than a little dirty. Make the hike and get a photo of you and your bunch, your own "Filthy Few."

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