For as long as I can remember, Coloradans have had a major issue with people from California moving to our state. I for one, don't have much of an issue with it. After all, we do live in a free country. The one thing I will say about transplants coming to Colorado is, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW. Not only is it imperative for keeping the traffic running smoothly, but it is for your safety too.


Whatever your views are on people moving into the state of Colorado, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Why? Because people will move from one state to another whether you like it or not. That's just how it is and how it's always going to be.

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Recently, I found a unique website that is actually assisting California residents looking to exit the Golden State for the Centennial State. I found this to be a bit odd that there is an entire website dedicated to information about moving out of California.

Information About Moving To Colorado From California

The site, gives extensive information on the perks and what to watch out for when moving to the state of Colorado. Here are a few of the many topics covered:

  • Moving Advice
  • Cities and Metro Areas
  • Cost of Living
  • Highways and Public Transportation
  • Climate
  • Education
  • Government

Cautionary advice for California residents moving to the state of Colorado

No, this section is not filled with information about how some Colorado residents will loathe you for simply moving to their state. Rather, most of the advice in this section sheds light on the risks of moving to the state of Colorado in specific months. One of the key topics from Exit California is avoiding moving in winter months as the roads may be icy and driving conditions could be treacherous.


If you think that Exit California's website is geared solely toward California residents moving to Colorado, you are wrong. gives information to essentially every other state in the nation to those looking to move out of the state of California.

I guess California residents really want another option for a state to live anywhere but their home state.

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