Ruining Thanksgiving can be done with four words and four words only. We asked you on our Facebook how to ruin Thanksgiving in four words, and this is what Grand Junction has to say.

It only takes a few words to ruin Thanksgiving, four to be exact. I asked you on our Facebook to 'ruin Thanksgiving in four words' and you had a lot of different ways to ruin the day. Here are just a few different ways to ruin Thanksgiving in four words:

Not everyone has Thanksgiving off and I'm sorry if you don't. Working on Thanksgiving, especially unexpectedly, would ruin it.

If you don't know where grandma's teeth are on Thanksgiving, I'm not sure if you want to know.

This sounds like a nightmare. Imagine you're in the middle of cooking your delicious Thanksgiving dinner and then -- your oven breaks. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Wow, either of these combinations of four words would absolutely ruin Thanksgiving.

If you promised to make something for Thanksgiving, you better do it.

I think this would get a lot of people away from you extremely quickly.

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