Naming a new baby can be either a challenge or so easy parents don't even think twice about it. You want the baby to have a name that's unique. You also don't want it so unusual people wonder if you were sane when you picked it.

With that said, let's take a look at the most popular baby names in Colorado. The names come from the Social Security Administration so it represents a 100 percent sample of names given to children born in 2017 with their rank in 2016 in parentheses.

Most Popular Boys' Names

  1. Liam (1)
  2. Oliver (3)
  3. William (4)
  4. Noah (2)
  5. Benjamin (5)
  6. Wyatt (11)
  7. James (9)
  8. Alexander (13)
  9. Logan (10)
  10. Henry (14)

Most Popular Girls' Names

  1. Emma (2)
  2. Olivia (1)
  3. Charlotte (3)
  4. Evelyn (6)
  5. Isabella (4)
  6. Sophia (5)
  7. Mia (8)
  8. Ava (7)
  9. Emilia (11)
  10. Harper (10)

With the exception of Amelia moving into the 9th spot replacing Abigail, the top girls' names are the same for the last two years.

Boys names made three changes from 2016 to 2017 with Wyatt, Alexander and Henry moving into the top ten replacing Owen, Mason, and Samuel as the most popular names.

As a whole, parents in Colorado didn't give their children odd or off-the-wall names although there are some in the top 100 more unique than others.

For boys, Angel, Axel, Declan, Maverick and Jaxson (rather than Jackson) were some of the more unique.

For girls, Delilah, Kennedy, Nova, Paisley, and Ximena were some of the more unique, but certainly not odd names for babies born in 2017.

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