Well, let me be the first to say I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving this year!

It will be my first Thanksgiving in Grand Junction, and I've been blessed to receive several invitations to join friends and coworkers since I will be away from family. I hope you are able to be with friends if not family, and that you have a great meal and an enjoyable holiday.

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Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes Everyone in Grand Junction Likes But You Hate

I grew up in a large family and back in the very early 80s, it seemed like there were just as many kids at the kid's table as adults eating at the dining table. Oh, and we had all kinds of picky eaters over the years (especially me). So when I hear someone say "I don't like Turkey" or "Cranberries are nasty" it takes me back to those meltdowns at the kid's table when someone accidentally gave my cousin oyster stuffing.

So what is a traditional dish served on Thanksgiving that everyone always seems to make that you do NOT like? Answers from day 1 point to a clear and obvious winner for "Most Hated Thanksgiving Side Dish", but there is still time to add your answer on our social media page or by downloading our station app and hitting the app chat feature to let us know what item you don't want to see on your dinner table.

Most of all, Happy Thanksgiving no matter what you eat.

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