This pandemic has been a pain on everyone, while some have had to overcome bigger hurdles than others we have all had to make changes and sacrifices. And for city and school officials and leaders, this also means getting creative on how to best move forward. That's why I thought it was great that KKCO was reporting the city of Montrose has opened the Montrose Pavilion to the Montrose County School District to be used as needed. Although it seems like the pandemic (and social distancing) isn't the only reason why the pavilion is needed.

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The Real Reason Why Montrose County School District Needs to Use the Montrose Pavilion

Not only has the Montrose County School District been navigating the pandemic the best they can, but also they have battled an asbestos problem in two separate schools. which has caused a large number of students to transition to online learning.

But teachers and administrators understand the importance of in-person learning so that will take place in the Montrose Pavilion. The seventh and eighth-grade students will be learning from the Pavilion.

When Will the In-Person Learning Begin at the Montrose Pavilion?

The first day of learning for Centennial students from the Montrose Pavilion will take place on Monday, March 15th, and could last through the end of this school year. The other school that tested positive for asbestos was Olathe Middle High School but all of their students should be able to return in-person in full on Monday, March 15th.

The school district says they are very grateful for the City of Montrose being willing to assist them through this difficult and unusual time.

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