The latest telephone scam in Montrose is so cunning your caller ID will tell you the call is from Montrose Memorial Hospital.

The scammer is spoofing the hospital's actual telephone number so you think it is the hospital is calling and will answer the call.

Once on the call is answered, the scammer tells the person Montrose Memorial Hospital owes them a refund for over-payment of a bill and asks for a credit card and account number the refund can be applied to.

If you get one of these calls, even if caller ID says it is from the hospital, Do not give any personal information over the phone including your name, birth date, or credit card number.

Keep in mind, if the hospital calls you, they already have your information so they have no need to ask for it.

Rather than fall for this scam, if you have received services from the hospital and are unsure whether payments from you or your insurance company may have overpaid, call the hospital directly.

Also, if the scammer calls you, contact the Montrose Police Department at (970) 252-5200 and give them information about the call so they can attempt to locate the people behind this scam.

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