These monkeys steal all kinds of things from tourists that the monkeys themselves have no use for. So what is their real motive?

As you can see, these primates are both bold and experts at taking things from unsuspecting victims. But what can a monkey do with sunglasses, flip flops, hats or cell phones?

The answer is as simple as changing the word stealing to kidnapping. The monkey's are only interested in taking the items because they can hold them for ransom until the victim can hopefully bargain with food for their return.

It's not easy negotiating with a monkey, especially since they are smart enough not to release the kidnapped item for just any treat.

People wanting their items back, if they haven't been destroyed in the theft, have to offer food the monkey really wants in order to make the exchange.

The best advice is to avoid this gang of thieves or risk losing both your stuff and your lunch.