A mother from Brush, Colorado is distraught about a phone she has lost. This phone isn't just any phone. This phone is incredibly special as it holds more value than money.

This phone is worth more than gold and holds a lifetime of memories. Not just any memory.

This phone holds irreplaceable photos of her 11-year-old son, Ben who is currently battling a brain tumor.

Kristen Mettlen, mom of  Ben explains to FOX31 that she has taken a photo of Ben every time they go in for a chemo treatment.

The love that a mama has for her children can't compare to anything else. My heart goes out to Kristen as I can totally resonate. I can't imagine the grief she's going through.

Kristen thinks she left the phone on top of the car and is asking everyone to be on the lookout for a white Samsung Galaxy with a jeweled case.

Who knows if someone picked it up and they are from Grand Junction ... Crazy things happen.

If found please send it to Eaton Middle School.



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