Mesa County Public Health just gave an update on coronavirus in our community. Here's how many patients have recovered and how many residents have tested negative.

Mesa County Public Health just held a press conference and gave an update about coronavirus in our community. It's been a month since Mesa County had its first confirmed case of coronavirus, according to Jeff Kuhr, who's the Director of Public Health at Mesa County. According to KKCO, Jeff Kuhr stated that 30 of the 35 Mesa County residents with COVID-19 have recovered.

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The health department hasn't shared the total number of cases, until now. Jeff Kuhr says they're not trying to scare anyone and give the impression that there are 35 infected people walking around Mesa County, according to KKCO.

St. Mary's Medical Center currently has 7 patients who have tested positive for coronavirus and Community Hospital has had 2 patients. According to KKCO, 461 Mesa County residents have tested negative for COVID-19.

The CEO of Community Hosptial states that people are doing a good job of social distancing and to keep it up. Jeff Kuhr from Mesa County Public Health praised his team and their efforts in contact tracing, which he says is the core of public health.

Whenever someone tests positive for coronavirus, he says his team gets rights on it and makes sure that everyone they've been in contact with has been notified and is in isolation.

We hope that the remaining people with coronavirus in Mesa County make a swift recovery, as well as everyone else in the world.

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