For your viewing pleasure, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office presents the world's least motivated car thief... ever.

I thought I was the world's laziest teenager. I'm guessing the culprit shown in the video is a teenager. The backpack gives it away.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, the footage was captured by a home security camera at a residence in downtown Grand Junction.

Check out the video. As you can clearly see, the would-be thief is quickly discouraged upon discovering the car door is locked. It appears he wasn't that motivated to peruse the interior of the vehicle. Sadly, it also means he probably moved on to the next vehicle, and then the next, until such time as he found one which hadn't been locked.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word Unmotivated is defined as:



a. lacking an appropriate or understandable motive
b. lacking drive or enthusiasm

With the example shown in the video, I think "b. lacking drive or enthusiasm" would be most accurate.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants to remind you to lock your car doors. They also encourage you to remove valuables from your car. Items that shouldn't be left in your vehicle include:

  • keys
  • valuables
  • firearms

According to a post on the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, "Most thieves, like the one shown here, are simply looking for an easy target. Don't help them out."

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