It's not too late to have a fabulous holiday weekend.

We've been waiting and waiting for this long holiday weekend. For some, the planning for these three days began long ago. Perhaps you have Labor Day weekend traditions that you partake in every single year.

Or maybe you're at a loss right now in the plan department.

It's OK! Holidays sometimes sneak up on you. Not everyone knows how they're going to spend the weekend until it actually arrives. Lucky for you, we've found a great weekend trip you can take right here in Colorado.

Recently, we found a list of the Best Weekend Getaways in Every State from Reader's Digest. This is a list that encourages you to visit certain places if you're find yourself traveling to another state. Of course, you could hop on a plane and really travel this weekend or you can stay in Colorado.

Happy couple driving in their car with arms in the air
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They chose Aspen for us.

Yep, the same place that Harry and Lloyd traveled to in Dumb & Dumber. Perhaps you've been before. I have not, but it sounds super fancy and like a place that the rich and famous like to go. Have you ever spotted a celebrity in Aspen or am I making this up?

The article praised Aspen for the mountains, the music scene and the vibrant arts. They also mentioned all of the great places that you can hike in Aspen. In fact, they suggested hiking to Crested Butte, which they described as "charming." It sounds to me like maybe Crested Butte is the place you want to be. But Aspen sounds fun too.

What do you think, you ready to load up the car? You'll be there in less than five hours.

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