What if we told you marijuana will be the next big thing at weddings? We're not joking, you just might attend a wedding this year themed around weed.

Since Colorado legalized marijuana in January, marijuana enthusiasts are looking for creative ways to spark up their weddings.

TheKnot.com, a wedding planning website, caught wind of this upcoming trend on message boards and took to their audience to see what they thought. The poll with over 1,000 votes, showed the majority really wouldn't mind if pot was incorporated into weddings at 67%. While 22% said drugs had no place at a weeding, are they forgetting alcohol is a drug? The rest would take it or leave it.

A couple of brides told The Knot that they are currently looking at planning their bridal showers or bachelorette party around pot.

Others would like to find a way to have it at their ceremonies, like a vaporizer station to enjoy during cocktail hour, or maybe a marijuana bouquet.

This brings a whole new meaning to a green wedding!

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