This nearly $20 million mansion in Evergreen has 7 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The Residence at Thunder Ridge is on 79 acres has a wine cellar and home theater.

If a house is named something like 'the Residence at Thunder Ridge' you know it's going to be prestigious. (Or maybe I'll just start naming my place 'the Residence at Horizon' to make myself feel prestigious.) This mansion was inspired by Frank Loyd Wright and is 22,864 square feet on 79 acres.

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The mansion is at 24503 Chris Drive in Evergreen and costs $19,999,999. The ceilings are high (27 feet high) and the luxury is abundant. The decks surrounding the outdoor pools and hot tub are heated and the views -- they surround you too. There are 360 views at the Residence at Thunder Ridge, you can see everything from Denver to the continental divide.

Along with a home theater, three laundry rooms and a tanning bed and steam room, there's also an auto hangar. It's separate from the mansion, it's nearly 30,000 square feet and can fit up to 100 vehicles or about 31 of my apartment.

The Residence at Thunder Ridge also has an outdoor kitchen, rec room and an indoor pool with a waterfall. It's hard to say where you'd spend the most time in this house. Maybe in the hot tub outside, or the wine cellar, or the master bathroom inside the master suite that takes up the whole upstairs.

But then there's also the numerous fish tanks and koi ponds too and not to mention this mansion is on 79 acres. What we're saying is that if we ever lived here, we'd never want to leave. There is that price tag of $19,999,999 that kind of gets in the way though. The mansion doesn't just have a listing, it has a website too, which you can see here.

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