Wanna be a millionaire? Here's the Colorado lottery game you might not know about that gives you the best odds of making it happen.

The Allure of Riches

For those of us who play the lottery, we are often lured by the fantasy of winning hundreds of millions of dollars that will set us and those we love on easy street for the rest of our lives. We know very well our chances of winning the big payout is minuscule - but, yet, we play the game because, however small it is,  there is a chance.

You're More Likely To Die In A Car Accident

The Powerball and Megamillions games are fun to play because we love to dream about what we would do with all that money like buying our dream house, driving fancy cars, traveling the world, and doling out bundles of cash to friends and family. We cast aside thoughts about the reality, which is the fact you have a far greater chance of dying in a car accident this year than winning the jackpot. (1 in 9,094 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) And in all honesty, I am one of those people who plays those games when those jackpots begin to rise - hoping against all odds my numbers will come up.

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Lower Your Expectations and Increase Your Chances of Winning

But if we could lower our expectations a little, there is a Colorado lottery game that offers a substantial payout with odds of winning far greater than the ever-popular Powerball and Megamillion games. No, the payout is not nearly as great, but it's still enough to set yourself up for the rest of your life.

Colorado Lottery Game That Gives You the Best Chance of Being A Millionaire

Lucky for Life is a lottery game that doesn't get nearly as much attention as Powerball and Megamillions, but for people who play the lottery regularly, it's well worth a closer look because your odds of winning are far greater.

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