Those that play the sport know this first hand, but for everyone else, this flying golf club is video proof that golf is a frustrating sport.

The frustrated golfer in this video is not me, but a good friend we will call "Dirk".

We were playing nine holes the other day at Chipeta Golf Course in Grand Junction , and Dirk was having some frustrating moments on the course.

Having played with Dirk on a number of occasions, I sensed that frustration was building and I was fortunate enough to capture Dirk's most frustrating moment. After duffing his second and third shot on the par 4 #8, Dirk gave his club a heave as a wave of frustration swept over him.

It was a nice toss. The club went farther than the ball. Dirk's problem is a common one. He's standing too close to the golf ball - after he hits it.

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