Did you know there are Grammy Awards for Visual Arts? Did you know a local Fort Collins photographer just picked up his 3rd one of these awards?

There are beautiful bird photos, stunning landscape scenes, artistic long exposure shots, and super badass concert photos on the gallery pages of  Joe Pekara's website.

Joseph Pekara is known as a hip-hop photographer, often on the road with the Nappy Roots. His own roots however are of the Tsalagi, Chocktaw, and Hopi Nations.

Not only did he pick up his third Grammy Award for Visual Arts this past November, but he also received an award in honor of The Cultural Recognition Award. This award is for those who present their culture in a positive and successful way. Those who bring education through artistry to everyone. He received this award alongside Red Berry Woman who has a fashion line that incorporates Native American traditional garment styles into modern looks. 

Joe Pekara's mission is "to capture moments through my lens that tell stories and freeze time for music artists, my culture, and life itself."

Joe Pekara
Joe Pekara

A coworker interviewed Joe Pekara a couple of years ago to learn more about how he got his start.

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