No matter how old we get, the learning process never ends, and several local educators are receiving some professional learning opportunities.

Knowledge is every increasing and teaching methods are constantly changing. Providing teachers the means to further their own education only serves to better serve the students in their classroom. And in case you hadn't noticed, our teachers aren't exactly making bank.

Thanks to the District 51 Foundation, several local teachers and principals are getting the opportunity to do some professional learning. It's the 3rd round of the Professional Learning Grant Awards.  More than $11,000 is going to 11 District 51 educators for special learning opportunities.

The funds come from the foundation's White Iced Celebration and other fundraising efforts. The money from fundraising is used for technology for students and professional learning for teachers.

The recipients are:

*Jill Phillips, Appleton Elementary School
$50.00 - Orff Chapter- Music Training
*Robin Mitchum, Bookcliff Middle School
$200 - Colorado Music Educators Association Conference
*Carla Haas, Central High School
$3,300 - AMPED-Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes
*Khylene Colombe, Mesa View Elementary School
$600 - AVMR -Mathematics & Fraction Training
*Emily Youmans, Mesa View Elementary School
$600 - AVMR - Mathematics & Fraction Training
*Miranda Bailey, New Emerson STEAM
$1000 - Mindspark STEM Summer Institute
*Patrick Steele, Palisade High School
$1400 - Fish Hatchery Training & Development
*Emma-Leigh Larson - Pomona Elementary School
$1000 - Mindspark STEM Summer Institute
*Marye Helms, Rim Rock Elementary School
$200 - Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia Training
*Heide Ragsdale, West Middle School
$1500 - National Space Symposium Training
*Cameron Law, West middle Scool, GJHS
$200 - Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

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