It is now official, people are starting to go bananas. The reason I say that is because according to 9News, there are now people in the United States that are intentionally exposing themselves and others to the Coronavirus. Health officials in the state of Washington say they know for a fact that these parties have taken place.

A pox party is a social activity where children are deliberately exposed to a certain infectious disease. For example, measles can be very dangerous as an adult but children have a much easier time with it. That's why some parents organize these parties for their kids to become immune to the disease as opposed to dealing with it later in life.

The Coronavirus parties that have taken place across the country have increased numbers in those areas, but they are being called irresponsible by all health officials.

This virus affects people differently, some people have little to no symptoms. Others are at high risk and could be hospitalized, deal with long-term damage, or even cause death.

There isn't a health official anywhere that will tell you contracting the Coronavirus is a good idea so this idea of a Coronavirus infection party needs to be eliminated quickly. We all want this virus to go away quickly, but there is no vaccine yet, and there is no way of knowing how your body will react to the virus if you do contract it.

It's simple, follow the health officials guidelines, and don't even contemplate attending a Coronavirus infection party.

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