I guess I always figured that most people who live in Colorado have always been here. That is not the case.

I saw a report that said that just 47% of people living in Colorado are native. One question that immediately comes to my mind is where did the rest of the natives go - and why did they leave?

It kind of makes sense when you think about it. Take a look at Colorado history and the influx of people who came here from the eastern United States looking for gold, fortune, and a better way of life. The point is, Colorado has pretty much always been a draw to people from other parts of the country.

I was also surprised to learn that 43 states have more natives than Colorado. That pretty much blows me away. I can't imagine anyone living here and wanting to move away. Well, I take that back. If I lived anywhere east of the front range - and that's where I grew up - I'm pretty sure I would want to move. You have to admit, Colorado's eastern plains aren't exactly a thing of beauty - although I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I think Colorado natives are a proud bunch. Although I haven't lived in Colorado my entire life, I was born and raised here - and I hope to finish my course here. I like the fact that I'm a native, but, honestly, there's no real benefit to that. And the fact is, I have lots of friends who came to Colorado from other places, and I don't consider them any less a Coloradoan than I do myself.

It's just eyeopening for me to realize that more than half of the people around me didn't start their journey here in the great state of Colorado  - but, it's okay.

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