This letter is mostly for a Northern Colorado suburban area that shall not be named, so if that's not you, don't worry — but feel free to read on and commiserate.

However, if you don't know what area I'm talking about and still happen to mow your lawn early, please keep reading. I just want to chat.

I don't know about you, but my mother always told me it was rude to call someone before 9 a.m. because they could still be sleeping or may not want to socialize before they've had a morning coffee.

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I'd like to think that similar rules apply to lawn mowing and landscaping — so why are people getting up and loudly doing yard work in the morning?!

I'm not kidding. For the past week, my neighbors have been getting up around 7 a.m. and creating a garbage-disposal-like noise blaring enough to penetrate my closed windows and ruin my sleep.

Maybe they're weed-whacking. Maybe they're mowing. Maybe they're chopping branches off trees. I don't know. I try to keep my eyes shut in the hopes of being able to go back to dreamland — but I can't.

I know Colorado is an active place, and residents like to get a jump start on their outdoor activities. But could we maybe do that a little later in the morning?

Do you agree, or am I being unreasonable? In my defense, I'm not getting much sleep.

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