If you want to celebrate Christmas without breaking the bank, you'd be wise to pay attention to this.

There's a hashtag on Instagram called #ladderchristmastree, which features photos of ladders people have turned into makeshift Christmas trees.

Why spend the time, energy and money picking out a tree in the freezing cold when you can just go into your basement and use a ladder that you only use to climb up to your gutters to clean out the leaves? This is DIY with a twist of holiday cheer.

Instead of using the ladder to climb up and place a star at the top of your tree, you can just consolidate by skipping the tree entirely, unfolding the ladder and turning that into your symbol of how much you love Christmas.

And just think how this could inspire you in other ways for the holidays, too. Perhaps a wreath made from a basketball hoop. A stocking made from an old gym sock. Tinsel made from ratty shoelaces. Like Santa's route, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Take a look at some of the photos of Christmas tree ladders below.

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