If you're frequently on Twitter, you may have seen a new meme on your timeline: "This is what you get without an HOA."

It apparently started when a man named Nick Huber tweeted a picture of what he deemed his neighbor's unsightly lawn, lamenting that he isn't part of an HOA.

WARNING: This tweet contains strong language.

People in the replies quickly jumped on Huber and began defending the neighbor. Soon, fellow Twitter users and brands began replicating his tweet with examples of their own — some pointed, some humorous.

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Eventually, Colorado's own Gov. Jared Polis couldn't avoid getting in on the fun, and he contributed Centennial State versions of the meme.

The picture in Gov. Polis' tweet is of Bishop Castle, a hidden gem in Rye, Colorado, that boasts medieval-style architecture and a lifesize fire-breathing dragon. The attraction is free to the public and open year-round.

In a second edition, Gov. Polis highlighted Casa Bonita, which is now open on a limited basis.

This isn't the first time Colorado's governor has had fun on social media.

Last December, he instigated a heated debate about the correct pronunciation of our state (he says caw-luh-RAD-oh, by the way), and last April, he made a jab at Gov. Ron DeSantis about Disney World coming to the Centennial State.

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He also joked about last year's fire at Empower Field at Mile High. Check out more ridiculousness on Twitter in the gallery below.

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