Downtown Grand Junction, Colorado is a wonderful place for the arts in numerous ways. You've got music venues like The Mesa Theater and The Avalon Theater, countless art galleries that participate in First Friday events each month, a shop for musical instruments in J.B. Hart, and plenty of sculptures and statues all along Main Street.

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You can find live music not only at the aforementioned venues, but also right in the streets in many forms, at First Friday art walks, and this summer the city's beloved independent music store Triple Play Records will be hosting local musicians as well.

Grand Junction Colorado's Record Store is Looking to Book Local Musicians

Twice a year, vinyl enthusiasts celebrate what is known as Record Store Day, and in the Grand Valley, the place to take advantage of this treat is Triple Play Records.

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In case you're not familiar, Triple Play Records is located at 530 Main Street next door to the Mesa Theater and has been serving the city's audiophiles and disc golf enthusiasts for many years.

Now, a recent Facebook post from Triple Play Records indicates that not only will patrons be able to get their fix of recorded music, but they'll be treated to live music as well.

It would appear that this summer will not only serve as an amazing opportunity to check out the best in local music at the beloved record store but will also serve as an invaluable opportunity for local bands and musicians looking to play out.

See the graphic on the original Facebook post to inquire for more information.

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