The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center comes to the rescue of animals big and small across the region. Last week, one of the team's rescue missions took them to Frederick, Colorado where they helped save an unusual animal that was trapped inside a building.

On July 7, the NCWC received a call from the Frederick Police Department in regards to a distressed snake that was found stuck inside the Transwest office. The responding police officer had been able to safely contain the cold-blooded creature, only to reveal the reptile was actually a four-foot-long ball python.

Since ball pythons are indigenous to Africa, it became evident that this was either a lost or abandoned pet that had somehow found its way into the local machine shop. Luckily, the snake was unharmed and in good health - just a bit frightened and disoriented.

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Unfortunately, the usual municipal agencies responsible for handling lost pets in Weld County were unable to take custody of the snake.

Although their focus lies in wildlife rehabilitation, the compassionate team at NCWC couldn't turn a blind eye. Declining assistance would have meant euthanasia for the python. Instead, the animal was brought back to the center with hopes of finding its owner.

The snake's owner has yet to be identified. If you know of someone in the Frederick area who has lost a ball python, you're urged to contact 970-283-7822 or email at The Colorado Reptile Humane Society is also involved in the search.

In the event that the snake's owner is not located, a few of the NCWC's volunteers plan on adopting the python and will give it a full bioactive enclosure.

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