Over the weekend of August 9 and 10, 2022, the creators of South Park, owners of the famous Casa Bonita, and Colorado royalty, took the stage at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre and with the help of the bands Primus, Ween, and even the surviving members of Rush, celebrated the cartoon's 25th anniversary with an absolutely epic experience.

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Unfortunately, tickets to these celebration concerts were difficult to get a hold of and consequently, many fans were left unable to attend. However, it has been announced that a special vinyl release of the entire set from both nights will be released this spring.

One of Colorado's Most Epic Concerts is Getting the Vinyl Treatment

The only thing that would have made the 25th Anniversary concerts even more Colorado would have been if John Elway made an appearance. Trey Parker, Matt Stone, the members of Primus, Ween, and the surviving members of Rush put on an unforgettable show consisting of songs featured in the cartoon over the years, as well as a few from the respective bands' catalogs.

The 3-disc vinyl package containing the performances from both days will be released on Record Store Day in local music shops across the state on April 20, 2024.

However, this will be a limited release of only 4,000 copies, all of which will be pressed on a special 'Towelie Blue' vinyl.

In addition to songs made famous by the TV show and full-length film, the vinyl also contains songs from Parker and Stone's Team America: World Police film, two songs from Ween, two from Primus, and a rendition of Rush's 'Closer to the Heart' that not only took the audience by surprise but Matt Stone as well.

Check out the entire track listing, cover art, and details at Record Store Day's official website.

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