May will bring us the first 80-degree temperatures of the year in Western Colorado, and soon it feels like summer outside, why not get ready to check a few bucket-list destinations off our list?

What are your favorite summer destinations outside of Grand Junction? Are they in Mesa County or further out? We asked you to tell us about some places that belong on our Colorado summer bucket list. Keep going to check out eight great suggestions.

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Fun Places to Go This Summer

From ghost towns and gold mines to waterfalls and mountain peaks, Colorado is full of cool things to see during the warmer months. You can drive to the top of a 14er mountain or find your way to a backcountry swimming hole. Maybe your bucket list includes a Rockies game in Denver or a whitewater rafting adventure on the Dolores River. Scroll on to tell us about it.

Colorado's Most Popular Bucket List Destination

How many people will admit they live in Colorado but have never been to Rocky Mountain National Park? What about Red Rocks Amphitheater? Both destinations are two of the most popular places people visit in Colorado. RMNP gets around 4.5 million visitors each year, and Red Rocks gets around 1.5 million guests. If you have never been to either one, you really should go for one or both this summer.

Bring Our App With You

As you visit your must-see destinations, we would love to go with you on our station app. Use the photo submit button to show off your summer and give us a reason to add that location to the gallery below. Happy bucket-listing.

What Cool Colorado Destinations Belong on Our Summer Bucket List?

Looking for fun places to visit this summer that you have not been to before? Check out eight great suggestions from our audience for Colorado bucket-list destinations you should visit this summer. Scroll through the list below and add your bucket list destination to the list by opening our mobile app.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Colorado is loaded with some pretty interesting roadside attractions. Check out the wonder of Bishop Castle, the largest fork sculpture in America, an 18-ton hotdog, a UFO watchtower, and even a statue of a headless chicken. Scroll on to check out 12 of Colorado's strangest roadside attractions.

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