We're pretty lucky to have lots of choices when it comes to Italian food in Western Colorado. Grand Junction is home to the legendary Ristorante Pantuso, Enzo's Italian Restaurant, Pablo's Pizza, and several eateries that mean you don't have to drive to Denver for a great Italian meal.

247WallSt.com recently set its sights on nationwide Italian restaurant chains by ranking the top nine restaurants to avoid. According to their report, the number one Italian restaurant to avoid in America has thirteen Colorado locations.

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No Pleasing Some People

I'm not sure if the writers at 247WallSt.com just don't like food in general, or maybe they have to live on some special diet I'm just not aware. Lately, they don't seem to like much of anything. From America's top pizza chains to fast-food chains, and now Italian restaurants, I've noticed anything affordable for most Americans usually ends up on one of their lists of places to avoid. Not every meal should cost $50. Sometimes a $10 pizza tastes great because that is the budget for the day.

Italian to Avoid According to 247WallSt.com

The following restaurants were named nationwide chains to avoid by 247WallSt.com.

What's Wrong With Unlimited Salad and Breadsticks?

Maybe you are just as surprised as me to see Olive Garden listed as the number one place to avoid. I love my unlimited salad and breadsticks! Just how did 247WallSt.com arrive at this decision? It seems Olive Garden had more bad online reviews from customers than the other places on the list. Then again, they've been open since 1982.

I don't think Sbarro should be on the list, and I don't think Olive Garden is the worst Italian chain you could eat at. All this has done has made me hungry for more of their breadsticks.

Keep going for a list of all the Olive Garden locations still to be found in Colorado.

These are Colorado's 13 Remaining Olive Garden Locations

Colorado is down to just thirteen Olive Garden restaurants offering all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks. Keep scrolling to find out exactly where each of them is located in the Centennial State.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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