Have you ever seen the Hanging Flume over the Dolores River in Western Colorado? What about the giant barn made of bricks built in Hotchkiss, Colorado? Both sites date back to the late 1800s and are cool places you can still visit to learn more about Colorado, and the Old West.

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Colorado is home to 135 endangered places. Many are historic structures, old cabins, waterwheels, and interesting places worth preserving. Keep reading to look at eleven endangered sites on the western slope below.

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Colorado Preservation

If you love Colorado history, you'll love the folks at Colorado Preservation.org. They keep a really interesting site full of info for the entire state, and they receive tens of thousands of dollars in grants to help protect and restore some of the most historically significant locations on both sides of the Rockies.

Endangered Places in Mesa County

Locations of historical significance in Mesa County classified as "endangered" include a few places in downtown Grand Junction and a once-popular river crossing in Fruita. Keep reading for a closer at the eleven endangered locations below, including four sites in Mesa County.

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Some Of Western Colorado's Oldest Sites

Three of Colorado's oldest endangered places date back to the late 1800s. Western Colorado's hanging flume (1891),  the Hotchkiss barn (1885), and Handy Chapel near downtown Grand Junction (1892) are some of the oldest endangered locations we can still visit today.

Keep going to learn more about eleven of Western Colorado's historic locations worth protecting.

11 Endangered Places in Historic Western Colorado

Western Colorado is loaded with interesting historical sights. Many are open to the public and are well cared for, but others are in danger of being lost to time and legend. Keep reading to learn more about eleven endangered places you should check out in Western Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Bob Grand photos from Grand Junction's past. People enjoying their lives as they go about their daily routine.

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Exploring the History of Grand Junction, Colorado: From Frontier Town to Small City

If you came to western Colorado in 1880, you probably never would have guessed how the valley would look in 2023. Check out a timeline of significant events that brought Grand Junction from the frontier to a small city from 1880 to 1900.

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