If you have lived in Colorado for a while you probably already know there is one thing that seems to put everyone in a bad mood. This topic would be a discussion involving people who move to Colorado from California. I can hear the boo birds already.

Since 2010, nearly 1/4 of residents who move to Colorado each year are from either California or Texas. What are some of the biggest differences between the two states that have so many people moving here year after year? Keep going to see four popular reasons people favor Colorado over California these days.

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Colorado Has More Sunny Days than California

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The state of Colorado boasts more days of sunshine and blue skies than the state of California. While California manages around 200 sunny days, Colorado sees closer to 300 each year. Many are deciding to leave the smog of L.A for the clean air in the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Offers Better Pay Than California

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Colorado offers a higher median household income than the state of California. Who doesn't want to make more money? California's median household income is at $69,778. In Colorado, the median household income was closer to $78,117. Wallets are tight these days, so people are moving to whichever state gives them a better chance.

Colorado Has Fewer Celebrities Than California

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Colorado is no stranger to celebrities, but no one will argue that there are more of them in California. Colorado communities like Aspen, Telluride, and Denver are home to several famous people but these communities don't have nearly as many as in California. The more celebrities the higher the home prices seem to go up.

Colorado Offers Less Dispensaries Than California

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Most people think of Colorado when they think of states with legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana. Even though California is 1.5 times larger than Colorado, the Centennial State is home to around 1000 dispensaries/retailers offering marijuana. California has around 600 dispensaries operating legally.

What are some other surprises Californians will find in Colorado? What is your opinion on Californians relocating to Colorado? Open our station app and tell us what you think.

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