When it comes to the question, "How safe is it in Colorado?" there are many safe towns and cities. Denver, however, stands out in a category that can give you chills.

In a 2024 study, it was found that states that had harsh laws regarding safe storage of guns had very low theft rates; though Colorado does have "safe storage" laws, they may not be strict enough, looking at the numbers.

Everyone wants to feel as safe a possible when they visit the bigger cities in Colorado, such as Aurora, Pueblo, and Denver. Looking at the data, things in Colorado have been trending upwards when it comes to reported gun thefts, Denver especially.

Granted, Denver has the most people throughout the state, but seeing how many guns per hundred thousand people in Denver, have been stolen, it does seem like a lot. When you also consider Denver as a tourist destination, those numbers can mean a lot to the economy.

Denver, Colorado, a Top City for Gun Thefts

A report from May of 2024 by EverytownResearch.org, stated that guns stolen from cars was the biggest source of stolen guns in America. Their research into FBI data showed that at least one gun is stolen from a vehicle every nine minutes.

How Many Guns Were Stolen From Cars in 2022 in Denver, Colorado

EverytownResearch.org found that there were over 425 gun thefts from vehicles in 2022; that would make an average of 60 thefts per every 100,000 people in the Mile High City.

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In more shockingly surprising information, the trend for Denver has been steadily going up since 2013, when there were 85 guns stolen from vehicles that year.

Colorado Gun Thefts from Cars - Trend
EverytownResearch.org, Canva.com

What is Colorado's Safe Gun Storage Requirement?

According to Colorado Department of Health & Safety:

Colorado state law requires that firearms be responsibly and securely stored when they are not in use to prevent access by unsupervised juveniles and other unauthorized users (§18-12-114 C.R.S.). Unlawful storage of a firearm is a class 2 misdemeanor.

Maybe the fact that it is only a class 2 misdemeanor to have your gun stolen from your vehicle (if authorities so pursue,) that Denver's trend continues to rise.

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