In an exciting twist, one of Colorado's oldest and last remaining drive-in theatres has officially announced it will be reopening for the 2024 season after most believed 2023 was their last year. Hooray!

Historic Colorado Drive-In Theatre Not Closing In 2024

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Fans of drive-in movie theatres know the magic of simplicity that these iconic forms of entertainment bring. Loading up the car or truck, bringing blankets to lay under the stars, and watching your favorite films.

Let's be honest, drive-ins aren't the best place to watch a movie for the first time if you've been looking forward to it because there are too many distractions, but those distractions are usually fun ones. The atmosphere is unmatched.

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In the Denver and Northern Colorado areas, we've been fortunate enough to have two iconic drive-ins within driving distance for as long as many of us have been alive. One of them announced that they had sold the property and a goodbye was on the way, but that's not happening this year...

88-Drive-In Announced 2024 Opening Date

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After a whirlwind of emotions, as we thought we were saying goodbye at the end of its last season, Colorado's 88-Drive-In announced that they'll be opening for (at least) one more season this May!

While the exact schedule hasn't been announced yet, Friday, May 3rd, would be the most likely opening date. Ryan Gosling's "The Fall Guy" comes out that weekend so it could be the perfect way to get the old drive-in up and rocking for the 2024 season.

It's unknown at this point if the property was still sold but they're waiting on the re-zoning and re-development approvals from the city to start the construction on the new multi-tenant warehouse, or if there was a change of heart. Time will tell, but let's enjoy this Colorado classic while we still have it.

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