The Denver Broncos could have an edge over the Las Vegas Raiders. Not an edge on the field, more of an edge below the field.

What will the Raiders do if they find out that this rumor is true? Do they even know about the rumor? With Las Vegas now hosting Super Bowls, this is is a "juicy" one, for sure.

Allegiant Stadium
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There are all sorts of stories about revolving around the Super Bowl:

  • The name of the game comes from the toy "Super Ball."
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show "predicted" the Vikings win at Super Bowl IX.
  • The '85 Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" song sold 500,000 copies.
  • Katy Perry's "Left Shark" at Super Bowl XLIX.
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Why Do We Think There's a Denver Broncos Ring Under Allegiant Stadium?

It came up when someone posted about a Kansas City Chiefs flag being buried under Allegiant Stadium:

In one of the replies to that post, you'll find the comment:

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I reached out to a co-worker who is a "die hard" Broncos fan and has also worked with several Denver sports teams, to see if he knew of the rumor. He said that he also has heard that rumor.

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Now, who's to say if there's even a Chiefs flag really lying under the stadium, let along a Broncos ring; but just the thought of Denver getting under the Raiders' skin with even the rumor, is terrific,

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