Is there anything more annoying than getting constant robocalls? Sure, some things are more annoying, but robocalls are a major inconvenience in Colorado.

I went through my call history to see how many robocalls I have received in the past week. I received 27 robo and scam calls and I have blocked three different phone numbers. There is a reason why most of us have our phones on silent.

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55 billion robocalls were made nationwide in 2023. On average, Coloradans receive 27 robocalls a month.

We are getting extremely sick of robocalls and there is a plan to eliminate many of them.

The FCC Identifies Scary Issue


The FCC was startled when Americans started getting robocalls that utilized artificial intelligence. Americans were receiving calls from an AI voice impersonating President Joe Biden. President Biden was not calling voters, but somebody was making the illusion that he was.

Artificial intelligence is growing exponentially every single day. It is exciting to see how it makes our lives easier, however, it is equally scary to see how people can use it for the wrong reasons.

The FCC has officially made what they call voice cloning illegal. They have added it to the growing list of illegal robocall practices in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The Growing Concern With Artificial Intelligence


The thought of voice cloning becoming common is a scary thought. If people believe that the President of the United States is personally calling them, what could be next?

I initially thought about my own life and how exposed my voice is. I am a digital content creator. I upload videos of my voice nearly daily, and I talk on the radio every morning. It would be incredibly easy for somebody to create a voice clone of myself.

I'd like to think they would use it for good. For example, it would be nice if they called my mom on Mother's Day. However knowing how often people like to scam one another, it would be likely used for bad reasons.

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