Most vehicles these days come with an automatic transmission. Manual transmissions are fewer and further between.

I believe that everybody should learn how to drive a stick.

18% of Americans know how to drive a manual vehicle and we are assuming that the percentage will continue to drop in Colorado.

Is It Important to Learn in Colorado?


My first vehicle was a stick shift. I bought the car from a relative. He handed me the keys, I jumped in the car, and noticed that the car was a stick shift.

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I know, I know. I did not test-drive the car. I know that I did not even ask. I was 16 and knew next to nothing about anything.

The first few weeks of learning how to drive a stick shift were incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. However, I am happy that my first car was a stick. It forced me to pay attention and now it is a skill that I will carry for the rest of my life.

One woman in Boulder did not learn how to drive a stick and it backfired.

Boulder Woman Attempts to Steal Vehicle

9News reports that a woman in Boulder has been arrested for attempting to steal a vehicle. Just a few hours before this attempt she was released from jail on a car theft charge.

Apparently, instead of asking for a ride from somebody, or calling an Uber the next day, she decided the best way to get transportation was stealing another vehicle.

She noticed that the keys were sitting in the vehicle so she went to steal it. She most likely assumed that it was going to be an easy theft.

She was wrong.

She did not know how to drive the vehicle with a manual transmission. 9News said that she crashed the vehicle into a fire hydrant and walked away. She was quickly found and charged with another crime.

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