Journey drummer Deen Castronovo has given insight on the recent turmoil within the band, noting how difficult it was to observe the discourse between Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain.

The drama between Schon and Cain stemmed from millions of dollars charged to a company credit card. The musicians took public shots at the other, and the battle led to lawsuits from both sides. Somehow, the bandmates managed to tour together in 2023, but it was an uncomfortable situation to say the least.

“Everybody was separate,” Castronovo explained during an appearance on The Jeremy White Show. “And it was hard for me to see guys that I’ve known since 1989 not talking. It used to drive me insane. I remember one time I said to both of them, ‘Guys, you don’t know what it’s like to lose it all. I lost it all. God it’s horrible. You don’t want to lose it.’”

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Schon and Cain have since settled their differences and Journey is once again hitting the road for an expansive tour in 2024.

“Those guys have been together for 45 years, 40 years, something like that,” Castronovo noted. “That’s a long time to have some petty arguments. But they worked it out.”

Castronovo Says Journey Is ‘A Brotherhood Again’

According to Castronovo, the feeling around Journey is much more positive these days.

“It’s fun to be on the road again instead of, ‘Oh God, I hope I don’t say anything that’s going to hurt somebody or is going to piss somebody off,’” the drummer explained. “[Shon and Cain have] mended the fences. We’re on one jet instead of two now. Everybody’s getting along great. And you can see it in the performances. It’s not a fake smile like, ‘Ugh, I hate that guy.’ It’s real.”

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Castronovo insisted Journey had become “a brotherhood again” following the turmoil, and suggested the group was able to weather a storm that would have broken up most other bands.

“Brothers are going to fight. That’s the beauty of a brotherhood,” the drummer insisted. “You’re going to have differences, but you can come together. And thank God this year they came together and said, ‘Enough of this. Let’s go like we used to be. All for one and one for all. Let’s just go out and do what we’ve got to do.’”

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