I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I first heard the news, but now I am a believer. You really do need a cable box for that second TV if you have Charter cable.When I started getting information in the mail that Charter was going completely digital and that I would need to have a second cable box hooked up to get reception on our bedroom TV, I didn't believe it. They said they would give it to us for free -- for 12 months.

We had always gotten the lower channel (2-62) just by running a  co-axial cable to that second TV - and that has been more than adequate, so I'm thinking I will forego that second cable box --and the monthly fee that will accompany it twelve months from now.

I went ahead and picked up my second cable box over the weekend --just in case.

Well, sure enough. On Tuesday I turn on the bedroom TV --and it is completely dark. Nothing. No channels. I guess it was true after all.They weren't yanking my chain.

So I hooked up the box, got it activated, and, viola'! We have all the channels in the bedroom. The only problem is - the TV hangs on the wall. Where am I gonna put the danged cable box?