If you plan to visit a national park next year it may cost you more than it ever has before, with the National Park Service proposing significant increases in entrance fees at most parks across the country.

According to the Denver Post, the fee increase would be the first since 2008. The increase would not be small.

If approved, the entrance fee to the Colorado National Monument would go from $25 for an annual pass to $40, and from $10 per vehicle for one day to $20.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park would see an increase in the annual pass from  $30 to $50, and from $15 for a vehicle to $25 for a one day pass.

One of the state's most popular parks, Rocky Mountain National Park would have its annual pass increase from $40 to $60. The Denver Post says the cost of a weeklong pass at the park went from $2 to $5, and has risen steadily since.

It's true we are blessed to live in Colorado and to be surrounded by all of the beauty it holds, but apparently there are no special privileges  for residents beyond that. It would be pretty cool if Colorado residents would receive some sort of discount when they visit the parks.

Tourism is big business, not only in Colorado but throughout the country. It takes money to run the national park system. I get it. But price increases ranging from 50% to 150% seems a bit extreme, regardless of when the last price increase occurred.

Public meetings will be held over the next few months, while community leaders and politicians weigh in on the discussion before a final decision is made. Maybe we do need to raise the prices at national parks, but let's keep it reasonable. And let's find a way to reward the great people of Colorado by granting a discounted fee for residents  to use and enjoy the great outdoors.