Do you think pickled animals are weird? So do we, so here are five weird places in Colorado for you to check out.

Built in the 1920's, this roadside attraction in Genoa, Colorado, some 100 miles east of Denver, sits on a rise 5,741 feet, and, depending on who you ask, is the highest point between Denver and Kansas City. Or Chicago. Or New York, for that matter.

What's cool about it isn't it's lofty stature as a high point. No, it's coolness comes from what's inside. But before you ever get inside, looking up at the observation tower you see..people? Well, no. Stuffed shirts. With sunglasses. And no not rich type people stuffed shirts, but shirts. Stuffed. And inside, Oh Em Gee. Pickled animals, weird collectibles and more. And once you get to the observation tower, you can actually see six states. You gotta check this out.

No, I didn't make that up. It exists in Denver. Started by a movement called the Elevationists, this church makes stoners feel right at home as they allow self-discovery on one's own spiritual journey. Totally non-denominational.

Located in Aspen, this place was the inspiration of Andre Ulrych, an architect who decided to dabble in the mind-altering hallucinogenic then create his masterpiece. So while tripping on 'shrooms and LSD, he spent six years building it. It's truly a one of a kind. Andy Warhol, as well as other celebrities such as Hugh Hefner, spent time in the home. It is owned privately these days.

Coney Island Hot Dog Stand

The hotdog-shaped building was originally supposed to be a part of a chain, but fell through, however, this one remained. Originally in Denver, it was moved to Aspen where it had quite a lot of popularity. But the real estate in Aspen is too high to support a small, though cool as heck hot dog stand, so it moved yet again, to its current home in Bailey, Co.

How about we go to dinner at a place that was once a mortuary? Not good enough? o.k., how about we go to dinner in a place that used to be a mortuary and also held the ashes of Buffalo Bill? Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Once an Olinger Mortuary, they've turned it into one interesting restaurant. One that people are dying to get into.

There we have five places I have never heard of or been to, but I am going to change that. Let's see your list!

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