It's been almost three weeks since the last phone scam hit Western Colorado, so you know what that means. Be on the lookout for a female caller informing you of a warrant for your arrest. You're not in trouble, and she's not being nice.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a new phone scam involving a female caller demanding you pay your fines with a prepaid phone card. This caller claims to be with either the Sheriff's Office or the Treasurer's Office. According to the caller, you have a misdemeanor warrant out for your arrest.

To date, the caller has used the following two names:

  • Lt. Jessica Baker
  • Lt. Sharp

If you're wondering if the person on the other end of the phone is the REAL Jessica Baker, take a look at this:

Does this sound like the same lady on the phone? Probably not. In the event, you get a call from Jessica Baker and she's not asking you to join a conga line in a Las Vegas show, then the call is probably a hoax.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, they WILL NOT call you regarding a warrant. Via their Facebook page, they add, "Anytime someone asks you to pay with a prepaid card this is an indication it is a scam."