It's been quite a while since the Grand Valley experienced an extended inversion and we are hoping this one doesn't become the extended variety.

According to the  National Weather Service in Grand Junction, a "persistent and unusually strong" low-level inversion remained in place this week with below normal temperatures beneath the inversion, and slightly above normal temps above the inversion. It's been five consecutive days and we haven't been out of the 20s.

After having such a wonderful fall, I'm trying not to whine too much about the cold, but I've heard from plenty of others who aren't exactly thrilled with the cold and feeling a little sad about the persistent chill.

When does it end?

Unfortunately, I don't believe there is any sure answer to that question. If the forecast is to be believed, by Monday we are expecting highs around 36 degrees in the Grand Valley, which would seem to indicate a break in the current cold spell. However, inversions are not to be trusted and I have learned from past experience not to get my hopes up.

I can recall prolonged inversions of the past where the 2-3 day forecast would be calling for temperatures in the mid to upper 30s but actual temperatures ended up staying in the 20s and the inversion went on and on for weeks and weeks.

The NWS describes inversions as "stable air masses where the cooler air is near the earth's surface and warmer air is on top."

Some signs that you may be experiencing an inversion are:
* Clear skies
* Calm wind
* Dew is present
*Horizontal smoke patterns
*Ground Fog in low-lying areas

I'm not a meteorologist but as I recall, Grand Valley inversions of the past have occurred when there has been snow on the ground - and guess what? We have snow, though it's not a lot. It's hard to say how this thing is gonna end.  For now,  I will remain optimistic that the inversion will be short-lived and we can get back to the normal average high temperature of 38, and the smiles can return to our sad frozen faces.

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