A mountain lion in Boulder got nice and cozy on top of a neighborhood fence.

Boulder Police responded to a call reporting a mountain lion perched on a fence around Adams Circle Tuesday morning (Oct. 5). In addition to Boulder Police, Boulder OSMP also assisted in safely moving the animal.

Boulder OSMP was able to safely tranquilize the mountain lion and transport it out of the area. They were able to release it in a remote area later in the afternoon and reported the area as safe.

The efficient diligence of Boulder Police and Boulder OSMP is clearly impressive and appreciated. However, now that we know the mountain lion is healthy and was released safely, and no one was injured during the animal's sighting, we can appreciate some of the other great things that came out of the incident.

After yesterday's shutdown of Facebook and Instagram, we were reminded of how quickly the Internet jumps on being funny. And, honestly, people are a lot more quick-witted than we usually give them credit for.

So, in an age of memes and pop culture references, of course, we have to appreciate a couple of really clever and funny interactions between the Boulder Police Department's tweet about the incident and a few strangers from the Internet.

Like this one:

Or this quick and simple piece of advice from the department:

Let's take a look at some more mountain animals that aren't residing on neighborhood fences.

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