In response to the recent vandalism at Hanging Lake and other trails or scenic areas in Colorado, there's now a place where you see photos of the people and places that are 'Trail Trash.'

The majority of Coloradans who enjoy the natural beauty of the state are careful not to cause any intentional destruction. It's partly because they want others to enjoy what they enjoy.

Then there are the people who set out to deface and destroy what the rest of us are careful to preserve.

This Instagram is dedicated to exposing said 'Trail Trash.'

This idiot says rules are made to be broken. They're not. However, if he fell and broke his leg on the hike down, justice would be served.

Here's a bonehead that intentionally placed a log across a trail so someone on a bike would get hurt. May a tree fall on his head and knock some sense into his brain.

To some trail-trashers, road closed is only a suggestion and not meant to be taken seriously. My hope is you get stuck, stranded and lost long enough to rethink your bravado.

Here's destruction left by a moron who obviously never explored a textbook. Since this person has an affinity for spray paint, let's turn the can and cover him with graffiti - spelled correctly, of course.

What part of don't walk on the log and no swimming does this trio of imbeciles not understand? People who love Hanging Lake just felt their heart stop knowing this causes incredible damage.

May the swimmer's shoes disappear and his feet become so bruised he can't hike all the way down the trail. And may his friends get stuck carrying him.

And finally, no dogs doesn't mean there's an exception for a pet you consider part of the family. After being publicly chastised, this gal admitted the error of her ways. For her, restitution should be picking up all the dog poop along the trail next time she hikes.

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