A boy eating watermelon is nothing surprising. A boy eating an entire watermelon, rind and all, now that's something incredible.

The boy was at an Australian cricket match and was captured on camera several times munching down on the watermelon.

Most of us wouldn't have a problem eating the juicy red part of a watermelon, but wouldn't think of consuming the entire thing, rind and all.

Before you dismiss the idea of eating watermelon rind as weird, consider this from LiveStrong. Watermelon rind contains vitamin C and B-6. It also also has anti-oxidant properties.

More importantly, watermelon rind contains citrulline that converts to the amino acid arginine which is beneficial to the heart, circulatory and immune system.

There is also some evidence watermelon rind can relax blood vessels and have a role in treating erectile dysfunction.

Not that this 10-year-old needs that benefit, but he's certainly going to be healthier by eating the entire watermelon rather than stadium food like burgers, hot dogs and soda.