Coloradans are good at a lot of things but when it comes to spelling, there are certain words that many of us have a problem with.

Google Trends compiled the most common words people in each state ask 'how to spell' and came up with the most common word for each of the 50 states.

This year, the most misspelled word in Colorado is tomorrow - or as I commonly misspell it, "tommorrow" - just remember "m" and "rr."

There are other words that have proved to be a problem. In 2016, the most misspelled word in Colorado was beautiful and in 2015 it was receipt.

It is comforting to know we don't have to suffer the embarrassment (another tough word) of not being to spell the name of our own state like the poor folks in Wisconsin do.

Editing and proofreading professionals Scribendi, say these are the 10 words most commonly misspelled across the US.

  • Separate
  • Definitely
  • A Lot (Alot is not a word but a lot of people think it is)
  • Accommodate
  • Consensus
  • Acknowledgment (a word with 15 letters can be hard to spell)
  • Embarrass (told ya it was tough)
  • Unnecessary
  • Liaison (iai - who came up with that anyway?)
  • Deductible

All these misspelled words have me worried. Is there something in this story I didn't intentionally spell incorrectly?

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