The ice cream season is upon us, but there is one Colorado city where the happy sounds of an approaching ice cream truck can not be heard.

The Ice Cream Truck Tradition

Through the years, ice cream trucks have produced many happy moments and memories for kids and adults alike. You hear the joyous music playing and you know the ice cream carnival on wheels is approaching. In fact, this year here at the radio station we have started an Ice Cream Truck Friday tradition.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

Ice Cream Trucks Forbidden In Aurora

The folks in the Denver suburb of Aurora aren't so fortunate because of an obsolete city ordinance that prohibits the selling of ice cream from a vehicle and bans the use of noisemaking devices intended to attract customers to the vehicle. The ordinances have apparently been on the books since 1979.

What the City Ordinances Say About Ice Cream

One of the ordinances states......"selling.......frozen milk, frozen dairy or ice confection declared a nuisance and is unlawful and prohibited."  The other related ordinance declares "bells, whistles, sirens, music, horns or any noisemaking device for the purpose of attracting persons to any vehicle upon the streets" are a "public nuisance and hazard and is expressly prohibited and shall be unlawful."

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Good News For Ice Cream Lovers In Aurora

The good news for ice cream lovers in Aurora, the city council is in the process of addressing the ice cream truck ban. According to 9 News, it's possible that ice cream trucks could be operating legally on the streets of Aurora by the 4th of July.

The next time you gather at the ice cream truck in Grand Junction to grab a drumstick, ice cream sandwich, fudge pop, or creamsicle, be thankful for the opportunity. It's one of life's simple pleasures that not every Colorado city gets to enjoy.

Here Are Some More Crazy Colorado Laws

We all know that we need laws and law enforcement to keep our communities civilized. But it's amazing how many outdated laws are still on the books across our beautiful country.

After looking at OutThere Colorado and Uncover Colorado I put together a list of ridiculous laws that are still in effect here in the state that we call home.


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