A hungry little bear's quest for food got him stuck in the backseat of a car in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Where there is food, bears will find it, whether it's in a garbage can,  your pantry, or the back seat of your car.

We aren't exactly sure how this little fella got into this car in the first place. Perhaps there was an open window, or maybe the bear, through the powers of observation, learned how to open the car door.

What we DO know, is that once the bear got in the back seat of the car, he couldn't get out. Sounds like something Winnie the Pooh would do.

Well, fortunately, the bear was freed unharmed, although we don't know if he left with a full tummy. By the looks of the trash in the backseat of the car, the bear probably enjoyed a snack but probably continued his quest for nourishment somewhere else.

Just a reminder, if you live in bear country, keep your car windows up, doors locked, garbage safely secured, and house doors and windows appropriately closed and locked. All precautions are for your safety -- and the life of the bear.

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